• Why the name South Paw?

    "South Paw" was a nickname given to me at a very young age as a left handed basketball player. It traveled with me all through my athletic career.

    South Paw Apparel orignially started as an idea between my mother and I. While brainstorming ideas for the brand name, South Paw just seemed to fit perfectly as we are both "leftys."

  • Who's the mascot?

    Meet Murph. He was our first rescue from the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh. At the age of 6, Murph was diagnosed with intestinal cancer that was developing at an extremely fast rate. The doctors didn't believe he would survive surgery, so we had to say our goodbyes all too soon. Murph was our first experience with the unconditional love, loyalty, and protection from a dog that spent his first few years of life in an abusive, dog-fighting household. He will forever be remembered through South Paw Apparel.

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